About Me

Born and raised on the west coast of the United States by loving parents who excelled in communicating through puns and sarcasm. Currently located in Reno, NV with my wonderful partner and two adorable dogs.

The one effective tool that I use to improve my everyday efficiency that I can’t live without are lists. These lists take different forms and are implemented on different platforms depending on the need.

Empowering myself and others to be the most equitable, effective, and efficient selves they can be in both business and life. Follow me as I lead the way for organizations and people to become the best they can be.

Operations and management specialist specializing in IoT, engineering, and medical disciplines. I work for a company that is leading the way with chip-based Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to improve organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and security. I specialize in manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics while pursuing my MBA through the University of Nevada, Reno in order to help me drive the successful implementation of distributed ledger technologies.





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