Efficiency and health

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, these are my opinions and should not be taken as fact. In fact, I suggest that you do not choose to take the opinions expressed here or life in general too seriously.

I am in the process of trying to reclaim my health. I am trying to harness my natural proclivity for efficiency and processes to build a robust system that will help me do just that.

To reclaim my health, I am implementing a multi tired system with multiple processes. Of course, I want these processes in the system to work together efficiently and compliment the other processes I have in place. The first tier and process I have in place

Food picture from Pexels

is around the food that I consume. First, I have a schedule and process setup to facilitate adhering to a type of eating that I have deemed healthy for myself. I find if I do not stick to my processes I will easily go off track and eat in a manner that does not enable my health endeavors. I think the type of eating style I am pursuing is less important than consistency. To maintain consistency I have dedicated one day a week to meal preparation, I make good use of an instant pot, plastic containers, and multi meal planning. Any meals I plan at least make four meals. I have come to realize if I go over board and make a meal that I would have to eat everyday during the week I will become bored with it and also go off plan. Part of designing an efficient and robust process is planning for the boredom. I do this by freezing some of what I prepare and making sure I have multiple flavors to choose from during the week.

The second process of the system is exercise. I have struggled with part as of late and I am currently trying to implement a more robust process that is in all honesty harder to self-sabotage. I am my own worst enemy. Currently I power lift three times a week.

Mountain Biking Picture from Pexels

I have found with whatever other exercise I participate in being strong is always to my advantage. I am never going to be a world class athlete or participate in a sport that requires me to loss muscle mass. I also will never get to the size with power lifting that it hinders any of the other activities I like to do. I have determined that I need to find a way to include other exercise in my daily routine. I hate treadmills, and other similar types of exercise equipment where you work hard and go nowhere. I am not a natural runner but I will take a run outside with my dogs over the treadmill in the gym any day. I am currently experimenting with morning yoga followed by tabata workout. I hope that as this becomes habit I will find the motivation to start riding my bikes again which is something I use to really love doing. Due to the current circumstances of my life I have to get my exercise in the morning or weekend.

The third process I have implemented is emotional and mental health. I have been trying

Emotions picture from Pexels

out different mindfulness exercises that I use after yoga. These mindfulness exercises are to help me improve my daily interaction with others. If I am able to be positive in the majority of the interactions I have with others no matter their behavior I will feel better emotionally. I also have been listening to audio books on tape and have several books on my reading list that are either about emotional intelligence or nonviolent communication to improve or change my own behaviors. I have no control over others just my own behavior. I find this to be one of the hardest tasks to put into a process. I hope with practice it becomes like y other processes and naturally becomes part of my system of self-care.

All of these processes working together are part of my whole life system. The smoother I can make that system run the better. The better my systems are the more I can do for myself and others. My belief is that through efficient systems I can live a better life. Even if the only improvement I see is being able to spend more time playing with my dogs that day I still consider that an improvement. Tell me below in the comments what you do to make your life better.

Author: Nora Laitinen

Lover of list, dogs, and the outdoors.

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