Efficiency and project management

Project management is supposed to improve the efficiency, productivity, and outcomes in companies and organizations. There are many tools for project management, web based, desktop based, tablet based. They follow different types of project management: agile, waterfall, scrum, and critical path just to name a few. Then there are different types of projects are you executing a planned product launch, or performing analysis, or exploratory research for a new direction. You also have different project managers with different personalities. So even with all these different factors the final goal does not change, successful completion of the project according to the criteria that you have set out. So, with all these different options how do you determine the most efficient path?

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It is important to recognize that even though we all may have certain biases towards certain project management processes that there is not one-size fits all. Different personalities, different organizations, and different products and services means that we must be open to using all different types of project management to be successful as often as possible.

The Project Management Institute recommends implementing Organizational Project Management which is a corporation wide system for implementing and figuring out the correct project management process for each project. This might be a bit out of reach for the individual or smaller organizations with less resources. I think a good first step is to honestly asses the project managers strengths and contrast them with the needed skills for the particular project. If you find that there is a good cross between the skills needed and available then moving on and assessing the type of project and deliverables to determine the type and platform needed. Here are good assessments of different types of projects and project management types. Once you have familiarized yourself with the different options you will be able to properly assess the needs and implement the most efficient project management tool for your projects.

What is your favorite project management type and what kind of projects is it good for? Let me know below in the comments.

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