How being effective and efficient has improved my personal life(Part 2)


The disclaimer and background from my last post still apply, nothing has changed!

Dresser from Red Chair

We live in a small house with a big dog that thinks they are tiny and a small dog that thinks they are huge. This means we have to be diligent about how we organize our stuff. Organization needs to be natural, if it is a pain to put something away then it is just going to sit on the nearest flat surface until we have company showing up and we need to make the place look presentable. It has been a long process to figure out what felt natural and the develop our efficient process around that. There are some things that are gimmies like keys in a bowl by the front door but there were some things like bike backpacks that we had to figure out the best space for them that also meant we didn’t have to dig them out of a drawer or closet to use or put away. Sitting down and taking the time to figure out what we actually needed very accessible versus slightly accessible involved a few conversations and configurations. First because we used some items less than we thought and we as a couple do not always have the same needs and priorities.With our current configuration and furniture, we are as optimized as we will probably get without getting different furniture. Getting different furniture is part of the future plan and I have made a Quickplan for the house that has all the rooms and outside in it with the different optimizations in it. This Quickplan helps us prioritize the projects we want to do and see the dependencies and budget for each room. We have a dresser from Aaryn Walker’s Red Chair that we use as our front entry table because it gives us more space to store stuff. The dog’s leashes, poo bags, scarfs, hat, gloves, and shopping bags all go in this area because those are the things we have found we grab on the way out the door. We have digitized most of our music to free up that space and just kept the vinyl. We have done this in most of the rooms over time putting the often-used items in the easiest to access places. There are sites that specialize in post about how to organize your house and one of the ones that I love is The Spruce.

For our internal organization we use a few tools, and if the truth be told I am the one who runs those tools while my partner is the one who did most of the work in the last post. I think it works out to be fair. The tools we use to share the chores is Wunderlist. We have also determined that I would much rather do the dishes than laundry and that my partner is better at the laundry. By splitting the chores based on what each of us doesn’t mind doing we have found that we are more effective and efficient at the chores. To maintain a schedule we use a shared calendar, we currently use iCal but I change from product to product looking for one that will fulfill all our needs, which since Sunrise got bought I haven’t really found one.

What I would say is a take away from this post is that it takes time to get organized and doing it organically will help you find the path of least resistance. Don’t worry if you try someone’s method for organizing your home so that you are more efficient and it doesn’t work for you, try another one until you find one that fits you.

Comment below and tell me how you have organically organized your home.


Author: Nora Laitinen

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